Coolest 10 Diy Bookend Ideas

Coolest 10 Diy Bookend Ideas

Let’s keep your books protected between the stand shown in this image. It not only looks perfect but useful as well.

The plastic made shark bookend placed on the wooden rack can keep five to six books secured at a time.

This teddy has done a great job by giving superb idea of becoming bookend. If you have nothing to show more decorative as the end of books, this is the quirky idea.

Two quarter pieces of tree wood has been ideally used as the bookend. I must say that this is quite amazing idea to store your books commendably.

Two blue dogs are here to protect your set of books. Well, these are stunning and creative pieces of bookends you must have indeed.

Put your two plant pots for keeping the books safe and make the area more decorative. You’d love to have such decoration for sure.

These two simple but beautiful bookends can be easily made at home. Buy wooden pieces of these shapes and color their edges.

Don’t feel scared of the gazing style of these reindeers. These are looking best bookends that can be placed over the shelf, rack or table.

Beautiful!! The exclamation and question mark couldn’t look this much amazing indeed. You can also make such bookends by using the old wooden pieces.

Only two bricks are required. This is really a wonderful idea as the bricks have been colored from the bottom. The best thing is that you can keep multiple books between them.