10 DIY Map Crafts Ideas For Kids & Adults

10 DIY Map Crafts Ideas For Kids & Adults

The map crafts are not as common as the home décor in many houses. You can see how beautiful these crafts can look once you turn them into such style.

This rack’s mat can’t be as beautiful as this is looking in the image. The sky blue colored rack with the pasted map of same color really looks amazing.

Have you ever imagined about making the envelopes by using old maps? Well, this is the actual look of the envelopes made from the maps.

Map or a parachute balloon? This really made me confused but whatever it is, I must say this is looking superb. The idea is wonderful indeed.

This set of small card developed from the map’s paper is shown in an organized way. Like many other décor items, this also looks great.

Wall-hanging mini map cards are giving an outlook of the perfect decoration items. This is actually an easier way to give unique look to your living room.

No doubt about the simplicity with creativity on this masterpiece. The canvas is wrapped with a map and text with the center decoration enhances its outlook more.

The old map charts can be utilized in a variety of ways. One example is available in this image in which you can cut it in the desired shape.

Paper crafts never look odd especially when you use colorful papers to make them. The map charts can be used for this purpose as well.

The hand embroidery of map seems so eye-grabbing. This also shows the worth of map pattern on cloth for various uses.