Creative Ways For Mason Jar Pencil Holders

Creative Ways For Mason Jar Pencil Holders

The light shaded paint on the mason jars can’t look this beautiful if some other design would be chosen for these. The beautiful jars have really got a great use.

So pretty pencil holders! The colorful jars have been greatly turned into the eye-grabbing holders of stationary supplies.

Pencil holders, vases and what’s more? The mason jars really give us superb ideas to be reused in a well-mannered way.

This time, someone has painted the mason jars from inside by using coloring sprays. Now, all of you supplies can be easily kept safely in these holders.

Glass painting in such a manner is enough to call you an artist. Let’s make some more such kind of glass holders and present the one to your bestie.

What could you ask more after turning the Mason jar into a gold vase? I don’t believe on my eyes that such kind of things can be created at home.

If you’re not good at painting, the other simple way is to wrap the jar up with some colorful and funky wrappers. The pencil holder is all set to store your supplies.

All sizes of mason jars have been used to create the vase and pencil holders. Well, I must say that spray paint looks trendier than relying on some other ways of adorning the jars.

Spectacular glittery holders are enough to melt the heart of your angry friend/sibling (if you present it to them). The use of glittery base in the bottom and light-shaded paint gives a great combination.

The glue, some glittery silver powder, pink colored spray and a jar. These are all the things you need to make this adorable pencil holder or vase.