DIY Fireplace Mantel Reveal!

DIY Fireplace Mantel Reveal!

This fireplace mantel doesn’t only look attractive but the surrounding decorations also grab attention of everyone. White base is looking superb.

White fireplace with the well-adorned walls and side decorations gives perfect idea of giving new avatar to your place. Try out this creative idea.

Well, you can see the creativity on the other level with the candles on the stand in place of fireplace. This really looks superb to the eyes.

This is the well-designed room with the wooden theme. The center portion is based on the fireplace on the bottom and LED TV on the top side.

Fireplace surrounded with the bricks and white theme of the room. This time, the real fireplace has been shown in the image unlike the prior one.

Here, the fireplace is on the bottom with the perfectly-crafted multiple framed mirrors. The overall look of the room shows an ideal theme.

Another creative and stunning idea of adorning the fireplace. The design of horizontal lines with the multi-shaded wooden tiles look splendid.

The fireplaces are also designed in such a manner. This is only for decoration purpose as the candles are being used by replacing the fireplace area.

Measurements of the fireplace are being shown in the image. If you’re unsure about it, you can rely on the shared lengths and widths.

No doubt that this part of the lounge is commendable with the trendy fireplace design. You can also rely on this design for your room’s fireplace.