Top 10 DIY Ways To Organise Your Jewellery

Top 10 DIY Ways To Organise Your Jewellery

The ring attached with bracelets are not newly introduced style of jewelry. This is the superb style that you can craft by yourself.

The Italian dough is highly popular for making jewelry at home. If you are familiar of its use, you can create the shown earrings through that.

Another DIY masterpiece made with transparent beads and the gold chain. You can also use it for decoration.

Easy to craft and cute pendant. The whole process of using ceramic dough is shown to craft the doughnut for this beautiful pendant.

This looks a bit complicated but elegant piece of pendant and bangle. You can wear it with the long silk skirts. The pendant is definitely worth to buy.

Pair of this simple and elegant earrings can look stunning with the frock or simple pants and top. It can also be crafted if you can work with Italian dough.

Leather heart bracelets adorned beautifully with pair of three hearts at one string. It is quite simple to create for everybody.

Plastic beads of different shapes and sizes are used to make the butterfly earrings. This can also be used on the shirts by replacing the buttons.

These are simply amazing ideas to craft amazing jewelry accessories. Gold never gets old so you can have this kind of jewelry every time.

Stretchable iron wires are perfect to make different types of jewelry. Look at this awe-inspiring idea of making floral bracelet.