Cool DIY Key Holders To Never Lose Your Keys Again

Cool DIY Key Holders To Never Lose Your Keys Again

Two in one package with the framed photo and the attached key holders. This is actually a better idea than hanging the only holders on the wall.

The small single keys hanging holder looks a bit untidy but you can pain it well and give the finished look.

Black framed board with the three key holders seems best with respect to convenience and look. You can also create it indeed.

Holder of key with decent and finished look is ideal to store many other stuff on the shelf and hanging many keys on the one slot.

White wood always look appealing and great to the eyes. This set of shelves and key holder is a perfect creative concept everyone should try.

Easy and simply DIY key holder made with wooden plank. The white hearts have been crafted with cardboard and pasted into this wall-hanging décor piece.

The trend of the framed photos with key holders is getting highly popular. If your wall looks so boring with only framed photos, then fix the keys holder in it.

This is totally a DIY creation. The Mason jar vase, mail storage section and key holders are all available at one place.

Your kitchen’s wall can be decorated with key holders of this type for sure. Go creative and try out this trick for crafting key holders.

Two useful storage shelves with the key holders in a vertical row. This looks easy to make by yourself. So, let’s save few bucks and try this out now.