Circle shaped mirrors always grab attention of many people. This steel frame of mirror definitely makes it worth buying.

The simple wooden frame is enough to double the beauty of this square-shaped mirror. There are no designs, patterns and paint but it still looks great.

Trend of fixing long mirrors on wall can’t get outdated. This antique style wide wooden frame definitely add more life in the outlook of this mirror.

This large bathroom mirror is covered with the dark brown wooden frame. I must say that there can’t be a better frame for this rectangular shaped mirror.

The transparent and gray colored beads have been used to make frame of the mirror. It’s looking spectacular and more refreshing to eyes.

Well, this is an amazing retro style given to the mirror. Beautiful white and pink flowers have been used to adorn the two sides of the mirror.

The soft frames filled with the foam inside are also quite trendy these days. Apart from other stuff, these frames are also being used in mirrors.

Simply versatile use of small wooden pieces in a unique way. Each of the piece has been painted and pasted vertically as you are seeing in the image.

Small but stunning piece of mirror fixed on the wall. Wooden frames always look superb and it is hard to find their replacement.

Three mirrors in a row with the beautiful retro style frames. The walls don’t need any other thing to decorate once you adorn them with the mirrors.