The simple but well-built and solid picnic table that can five to six people easily at a time. You can also create this table at home.

Attached benches with the long rectangular table looks ideal for the picnic. Now, your party’s gang can enjoy dining in on this table.

Another wooden table with the attached benches with some finished surface. This really looks best for the picnic of a whole family.

Old style conventional benches and table constructed with the long wooden pieces. The group of eight to ten people can easily enjoy picnic by sitting there.

Another unique but not appealing style of the table attached with the benches. Firstly, it seems hard to sit and the table has more height than the standard length.

This is so simple and common type of picnic table and benches. The good quality solid wood has been used to give more durability.

New style of attaching the benches with table. The benches are so thin and looks a bit uncomfortable to sit for longer time.

The beautifully-constructed, well-designed and perfectly painted picnic table with benches look awe-inspiring on the riverside.

Two longer benches for the large lot of people for sitting around on opposite sides of the table. This is perfect place to sit for the large families.

High quality wood material has been used to construct this well-built and durable table with two benches.