The excellent use of PVC pipes to make set of joined storage boxes. This really looks more convenient if you’ve lots of stuff for storage at home.

Bundle of yarn is fixed in the center of two PVC pipes. This is another great way to utilize the PVC stands in this a great way.

PVC holder for the different sizes of screw drivers looks so convenient. It is best way to keep your toolkit protected without occupying lots of space.

Sierra Exif JPEG
This polyvinyl chloride rounded pipe is looking a best holder of the platter or any other decoration piece. Seems quite eye-grabbing indeed.

PVC pipes can also be used as the pillars of these beautiful tents. You should definitely switch from the wooden bases to PVC material in it.

What a cool creation! These PVS pipes are enhancing the actual beauty of both flower pots. The most appealing this is the grown flowers on each section of the pipes.

The pool chair has made up of PVC material. This looks quite solid and durable. The color of the chair seems so vibrant and soothing.

Well this is great. Now, you can enjoy watching movies on your phone without bothering yourself by holding it. See, how it is possible in this image.

Inorganic process of plantation by using PVC pipes. This is looking quite superb and useful for sure.

This simple PVC pipe turned into a best water fountain. All you need to do is to make few holes on it with certain distances and see the magic of water.