What an amazing project made from seashells! The penguins are really looking quite close to the real and awe-inspiring as well.

The small wood planks or thin bricks can have such great use. Paste the seashells on these planks and decorate each piece with the ribbon and stars.

OMG!! This is so cool. The seashells can’t have such great use ever. This lamp gives a perfect goal of creating superb masterpieces for home decoration.

Simple yet elegant pendant made with a plain chain and seashell. Don’t forget to make it more attractive by painting and decorative miniatures.

Simply, a pleasing seahorse made with seashells. This is such an intelligent way of crafting this piece of art. Creativity has reached the seventh cloud I guess.

Perfectly-painted and polished long seashells placed in an order and covered with the side frame. This is quite stupendous piece of art.

The door’s wreath has been decorated with the pieces of jute and seashells. Old thin branches of trees give it more appealing look.

DIY seashell wind chime is looking splendid. If the tree branch get painted, then it would look more beautiful to the eyes.

The simple wall decoration item adorned with the large seashell and miniatures. Make sure that the colors of this piece must be matched with the wall paint color.

Well, this is marvelous effort from top to bottom. The only seashells have been used to craft the bird and the floor to make it stand on.