Let’s make the diy telescope in the shown way. However, you may have to follow the detailed process to make these by yourself. Looking newly-bought indeed.

The different features of various telescope’s parts have been shown in this image. You can learn the right use of telescope by knowing this.

Exceptionally awe-inspiring DIY telescope made with the wooden base. It seems perfect in use like the outer body as well.

The mini paper telescope is of no real use but seems good to woo the kids. Anyone can try making it at home.

Cardboard is also a best material to make the telescope’s body. As shown in this image, this is quite similar to the actual telescope.

This diy telescope looks perfect from every angle. The NASA team should definitely pay attention to the design of this piece.

I don’t know what this little girl is trying to see the in the sky at day time. But the telescope literally seems useful for sure.

This binocular telescope has been made by someone and fixed through some wooden sticks. Seems pretty good but not quite workable indeed.

Preparation of making a telescope can be seen in this image. The cardboard, wooden pieces and other small parts are required to make a final product.

Simple diy telescope made with the blue cardboard. This can be a perfect piece to decorate but not for use undoubtedly.