TOP 10 Diy Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

TOP 10 Diy Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

TOP 10 Diy Toilet Paper Holder Ideas
You don’t need to ask more after getting this shelf with attached toilet paper holder. Seems like old wooden pieces have been used to create this shelf.

This is really a clever use of basket by fixing the wooden round stick to make a toilet paper holder. You can also try this out now.

An iron-made holder of toilet paper can actually have many other uses like this. It is also a pipe for hanging the other stuff as well.

TOP 10 Diy Toilet Paper Holder Ideas
One small shelf with the attached holder in a unique design can be so much useful. Simply, place the decoration or other important stuff on shelf.

The rack with various shapes of spaces make it more useful. You can see the variety of uses of this wooden rack to store toilet papers.

Nothing is useless. You can see the pipe of gas supply fixed on the wall has been perfectly used. Out some stuff on above side and hang the toilet roll in the bottom.

TOP 10 Diy Toilet Paper Holder Ideas
The tree of toilet papers in the washroom is looking quite amazing. This is actually a creative way to keep multiple toilet paper rolls there.

The storage bag is fixed with the wall to store many toilet paper rolls. This is another creative way to store many rolls at once.

Simple and easy to create method of hanging the toilet paper roll. This toilet paper holder simply requires a rope, a plastic roll and nail sticker.

The antique iron chain couldn’t have such incredible use. You should definitely try this method out to make a unique toilet paper roll.